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$1,489.00 Regular Price
$1,389.00Sale Price

• Computerized spinning wheels propulsion, self program rallies, oscillating ball launcher
• Very portable training aid for individuals, clubs, schools, Universities, and tennis training academies
• Sturdy handle and tough wheels
• Power Supply: AC (110-240V) and DC (12V) connection to available external batteries with 3-5 hours battery life
• Low power battery warning light
• Ball speed: 18-93 MPH (30-150 kph)
• Remote control, with LCD digital display of functions: play/pause; speed; feed frequency (2-12 seconds); fixed point, flat ball feed; topspin; back spin; oscillating horizontal or vertical angles; 4-line side-to-side multi-width feeds; and built-in random programmed oscillating, unpredictable feeds
• Self program 1-20 drills storing rally to recall and repeat next-time or cancel as needed
• Extend retractable handle and roll like suitcase
• Transport in car boot or trunk or on seat
• Ball capacity: 230 balls
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