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• Computerized spinning wheels propulsion, oscillating ball launcher
• Luggage-like portability
• 13 remote functions include: play/pause; speed; feed frequency; fixed point; flat ball; topspin; back spin; oscillating horizontally or vertical lob; and 4-line feed to 4 different widths for as many as 4 players or 4 lines of players
• Power supply: AC (110-240V) and DC (12V) connection to available external batteries with 3-5 hour battery life
• Random function: built-in programmed oscillation feeds test player movement and stroking when adjusting to constant changes in speed, spin and angles sideways and vertically
• Ball speed: 18-93 MPH (30-150 KPH)
• Feed frequency: 2-12 second interval between balls
• Ball capacity: 230 balls
• Battery backup power: available external battery lasts 3-5 hours, depending on activity, with low power warning display
• Extend retractable handle and roll like suitcase
• Lower handle and load in car boot or trunk
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