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XK Feeder® Tennis  TF-V88

XK Feeder® Tennis TF-V88

-16 programs with Remote control of ball speed, feed frequency, work/pause, fixed point/flat stroke, horizontal/vertical, lob, random, top spin, back spin, forehand and backhand middle-line., forehand and backhand narrow-line.
-Ball speed can be fully randomly adjusted with ball direction built-in control, over-currency protection, which makes the machine more human oriented.
-Ball speed: 18-93mph or 30-150km/hr (remote control speed adjustment).
-Feed frequency: 2-12second/ball, infinitely variable adjustment (remote control frequency adjustment).
-Remote and back panel double control, LCD display.
-Double power, AC110V-240V, DC12V available.
-external portable battery. Low power warning. Battery working hour: 2-3 hrs.
-Suitcase style, easy to drag around and pick up to put in trunk of car.
-Ball capacity: 120, G.W.:30KG, 0.2CBM

-Good for: Junior player to elite layer.
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